[POLL] Community Engagement Preferences

Hey Common Voice Community,

I have created this short survey, to understand how best people would like to receive information about Common Voice e.g community activities and calls.

If you have a moment please respond to this form.

Also if you would be happy to translate this topic please direct message me.

Thanks a mill !

Multiple choice (max 4)

What areas of Common Voice are you most interested in?

  • Dataset and use cases of Common Voice
  • Validating Voices
  • Common Voice platform User interface
  • Accent
  • Languages and Localisation
  • Community building
  • Growing contributions
  • Data Ethics
  • Sentence collection
  • Community governance
  • [Other] - Please comment in topic

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Multiple choice (max 4)

In what ways do you prefer to engage with Common Voice updates and opportunities?

  • Email - Mailing list
  • Matrix
  • Discourse
  • Zoom Conversation
  • Anonymous Survey
  • Town Hall
  • Ask Me Anything
  • Github
  • Written Propsals
  • [Other] - Please comment in topic

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One response max

How would you describe the way you contribute ?

  • Casual contributor
  • Active contributor
  • Community lead
  • Maintainer
  • [Other]

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:white_check_mark: XMPP
:white_check_mark: Fedivers

You can bridge XMPP with Matrix I think. I am doing it for IRC.

Fediverse do you mean a mastodon account?

Also, just as thought. Is anyone aware of any non-GAFAM collaborative tools e.g etherpad. Because I’m aware that at the moment, we predominantly use google docs to share documentation and collaborate. In some cases, it can be useful, but I’m mindful, that not everyone is comfortable using this.


Crypatpad is another solution to etherpad that can be too much public so everyone can get access.

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Only 18 voters, maybe this require an email to CV users to have better information…

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