Poll: Which layout do you prefer for the homepage of Discourse?

See also the relevant discussion here.

I’ve been poking around New Relic and it’s saying it takes 31.5 seconds for the browser to load the ‘latest threads’ page. Thinking we should go with categories for the moment.

@logan should we move this forward then?

I’ve made this change since I feel it makes more sense to a new user.

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This change was reverted by @tanner, as there was, as I brought up on IRC, no recent consensus about this pretty major change, and we didn’t even discuss how category sorting should work on the main page.

This was just supposed to be an informal poll to gauge interest in both options, not a binding vote.

@logan who will be responsible for the final decision on this?

Closing this. All further discussions should occur here: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/categories-as-homepage/280/25