Possible Changing Meeting Time


During the weekly IRC meeting, we proposed changing the meeting time to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Please provide your input regarding changing the current meeting time. Below, you will see our current times for the Buddy Meeting:

10:00 CST (Central Standard Time)
15:00 UTC/GMT
17:00 CEST (Central Summer European Time)
20:30 IST (Indian Standard Time)

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I don’t know if this Doodle I just mashed up together makes sense :wink:
If it’s too confusing, just write below, like @rtsayles asked above.



@yousef said that we have a poll here in discourse. So maybe we can make a desicion right here.

Indians wouldn’t have a problem with that timings. 8:30 pm is good. Fxmozdeep would agree with me too. Idk if this is appropriate to this thread but yes! We need Strong Agenda to talk on and make Sumo a good place to contribute for.

Well, sorry! if i said anything inappropriate.
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Discourse does support polls, but doodle is a much better tool for finding meeting times.

Let’s use the Doodle vesper created and go from there :slight_smile:


Although, we are posting here on Discourse, should we be alerting the remaining buddies? I felt this is a important decision that will impact the entire group. Maybe someone can post via the mailing list?



If its possible, we can set the meeting time as 9:30 CST / 20:00 IST (or) 11:30CST/22:00 IST.

Every Friday India Mobilizer Meeting (Firefox OS) @10:30CST / 21:00IST, so i’m unable to atten the completely.

We can make it early, so only madalina able to attend the meeting

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maybe we need to send the doodle in the mailing list too.

ah, Ok :wink:

+1 to alerting as many buddies as possible - can we count on you, @rtsayles, the Messenger of Buddies ™? :slight_smile:

Also, as a data point - so far, it seems that Wednesdays look like the best options for meetings: http://doodle.com/mp538kxfx2phc9sc

@vesper I will send out a email to the sumo mailing list, asking for feedback to doodle. Thanks


@vesper I have alerted everyone via sumo mailing list and PM all of the buddies listed on buddy list ( https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/groups/buddies). Let me know if I can be a further assistant to you. I will be traveling to London tomorrow and will be in the London Mozilla Office on Thursday. Thanks



Any time after 8 PM (GMT + 6) except Friday is good for me.