Preparing for coaching

Hi everyone

Completing these steps prior to your coaching 1:1 will ensure you can move right into planning your experience- please share any questions or insights you have in this thread. Thanks!

  1. Read Michelle Thorne’s post on Mozfest Pathways
  2. Read Emma Irwin’s post on Participation @ Mozfest
  3. Familiarize yourself with the three pathways listed in Emma’s post and pick one that most resonates with your goals and learning objectives.
  4. Review the potential leadership experiences of Mozfest and think about opportunities for leadership you can plug into.
    5 . Review some experience ideas for making Mozfest the best possible thing you do this decade.
  5. Remind yourself of the goals you identified in your application as we will be going through these.

Please, introduce yourself on the Why Mozilla, Why Me, Why Now thread!

Share your experience plan after coaching

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