Press Delete to remove individual cookie

(Tom Hartland) #1

Ever since we lost the ability to delete individual cookies through the Site Information panel on the address bar, I’ve had to go through the Developer Tools, Storage, Cookies, right-click on the individual cookie and select ‘Delete “…”’.

Would it be possible to allow us to delete the highlighted/selected cookie with just the delete key, instead of having to right-click? It would be exceptionally useful, especially for keyboard-centric users such as myself.

(Sebastian Zartner) #2

That’s already filed as bug 1406679 .


(Sebastian Zartner) #3

Ok, deletion via Backspace obviously got introduced in bug 1522893 and deletion via Delete in bug 1544438 .

So this feature will be available in Firefox 68. Yay!


(Tom Hartland) #4

Excellent - thanks for keeping me updated Sebastian :slight_smile: