Storage Inspector - When Deleting Cookies (in Private Mode) Why Doesnt it Clear?

I notice when i use the “Delete All” or anything related to deleting cookies under Storage Insepector when in Private Mode, the table of cookies doesnt update to show that it has been emptied. Underneath, the cookie is being removed, but the display of said cookies remain in the Inspector, giving the wrong impression that it still exists.

The “refresh” icon also does nothing when clicked. It flashes (refreshes) the area and continues to show the deleted cookies.

When you open Browser Console for this issue, do you see any related errors? If anything shows up, could you please file a bug with the logs attached here:

There are already bug 1467463 and bug 1559338 filed for that problem. (One might be a duplicate of the other.)


I’ve seen cases where Refresh didn’t work, but clicking to a different category of the Storage Inspector and then back to Cookies provides an updated list. But it probably was in a regular (not private) window.

Thanks for the reply. Yea, non-private mode has no problem refreshing on the fly. In private mode, even when switching categories it does not refresh. But now that i know it’s officially a bug I don’t have to keep racking my brain thinking i am doing something wrong. Regards.

Ahhh…and there it is! Thanks very much for discovering this. I kept thinking i was doing something wrong. Appreciated.