Print to PDF preserving hyperlinks

(Konstantin Boyandin) #1

I was always fascinated why Firefox prints Web pages to PDF eliminating active hyperlinks. The obvious purpose of saving document is thus ignored.

The primary rival, Google Chrome, has no problem printing page to PDF file while preserving all the active links. With Firefox, I only can use add-ons such as “Save to PDF”, all of those have drawbacks (watermarks, quirks saving page since they may need first to open it from a remote address etc).

So, will we see either printing to PDF while preserving all hyperlinks in resulted file, or saving to some alternative (again: Google Chrome can save to Google Drive)?


(codegenki) #2

@Konstantin_Boyandin completely agree with you about preserving hyperlinks in printed pdf files being the major objective. Firefox makes an excellent combination of reading mode and pdf printing, but absence of certain features in print dialog reduces customizability options. It’s true that Chromium (Google Chrome included) preserves hyperlinks but lacks a major feature: Reading Mode.

For now I’ll suggest a useful addon, Print Friendly & PDF, that solves this issue. At the same time, +1 on the motion to add this feature in future versions of Firefox.


(Konstantin Boyandin) #3

@codegenki Thanks, and I agree. “Save as PDF” (from pdfcrowd dot com) looks quite as able, but has limits on page size. Thanks for the reference to another add-on.

(noisepainratio) #4

There is a 10 year old open ticket for this problem:

Feel free to add your +1 vote. It’s astonishing this has not been fixed for such a long time period.