Priority #3 - Define our purpose [2018]

Set a group definition, purpose, expectations, limitations.

Via the continued efforts of nurturing Mozilla’s UK community, we’ve recently established a list of priorities. We can’t do them all, of course, so we’re starting with the TOP 3 results.

This is a draft thread to define what information we would like, how different groups might utilise this information, how it will look, what will success look like, etc.

Feel free to contribute your voice to the discussion below…

Several question to work on this topic:

  • Define the regular meeting as a working group? (or for example a sociocracy circle)

  • Who are these people and how can they be contacted?

  • What is someone wants to help shape this - what is the onboarding process?

  • Where will this effort live?

    • Discourse

    • Github / Github static page

    • Mozilla Wiki

  • OR a larger definition of the UK community as a whole?

    • can this happen without the previous already being achieved?
  • Ultimately, what is this FOR?

    • community cohesion

    • everyone is understanding through a focal point

    • what we do, or don’t do becomes clearer

    • anyone wishing to suggest or do something outside of scope knows the process and what do do if they wish affect this (e.g. escalation, suggestions, or they may even decide to go it alone due to our limitations)

Basically a vision/mission statement?


Grow Mozilla’s UK Community, improve access to diverse opportunities for involvement, and build a world-class volunteer support network.