[Important] Mozilla UK online meeting - December 22nd

Hello all,

For those who don’t know me, I’m Rubén and I’ve been involved with the Mozilla community since 2004, especially running and working with the Spanish community and now I’m working as staff for the Participation team inside the Reps/Regional group.

One of the team goals is to be more efficient and support better communities. UK is in our top priority list and I’m in charge of driving this effort.

I’ve been driving a lot of individual conversations and working with mozillians in the UK and based on the feedback I got I would like to set up an online meeting with you all on Tuesday December 22nd at 18:30 GMT to talk about community and help you think about ways to align and improve.

I feel this is an important meeting for the UK community and the main goals are:Know each other face to face.Help you think of a process to start community building efforts in the UK and define the roots of Mozilla UK.Share your ideas or work around community.

We’ll be using my vidyo room to connect, make sure you have vidyo installed and working prior to the meeting.

Looking forward to meet you all!




Thank you for this initiative Rubén!

I will almost certainly be on the call and (with your permission) forward this invitation to other potential attendees in my #MozFest volunteer circle.



Yes, please!

Hello, this is a great initative and would love to be involved. Unfortunately I am travelling at this time so will be unable to join this call. Will there be notes taken at this meeting, and if so can they be shared post call?


Notes will be taken + video recording :slight_smile:


Ill try to be there, internet permitting as I am not at my house/office on that day!

Hello everyone,

We’ll be meeting in 15 minutes!

See you there :slight_smile:

We’ll use this etherpad to take notes.

Hi sorry for not coming but I am busy with family matters

Thank you SO much everyone for attending today, I think this is a great step to have a strong Mozilla community in UK and a lot of next steps were identified.

BTW, there is now a Telegram group connected to #uk on irc. Ask for being invited there :wink: