Problem setting the time for a snooze tab

I seem to have an intermittent problem with setting the time for a snooze tab. When clicking on the little bell symbol to set a snooze tab there is a list of preset dates and times. Sometimes there is an option to “pick a date/time” which appears below the “Next Open” option. But this only appears occasionally and not every time.

The other way of setting a users own time is to click on the time in a preset option which then gives a menu box where you should be able to choose the date/time. A box opens with a calendar in it, once, and once only just below the calendar a digital clock appeared to set the time but I have only seen this once and haven’t been able to replicate it again no matter how many times I’ve tried.

I prefer to set my own times rather than use the preset times but this function seems very hit and miss as to when the option to set a time appears.

I think this is a known issue we’re dealing with styling in the various sizes & environments for the panel:

Sorry I didn’t reply the other day, I couldn’t get on here. Yes I followed your link and watched the video’s. That is exactly what has been happening with me.

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