Time zone difference

I can’t manage to get the tabs to snooze at the right time.
For example, if I click on a tab, and snooze it for tomorrow @9am, it will appear much later (can’t say exactly how later, but many hours).

My guess is that it could be because of the time difference? I am in the CET European time zone. Not sure if this has been solved before.



This sounds like Issue #234, but we’re having trouble reproducing it.

The timers shouldn’t be sensitive to time zone - the team working on this are spread across several global time zones and we’re not seeing it happen.

That’s not to say there isn’t a problem, though - just that it’s proving elusive to find. :confused: Our next release of Snooze Tabs should come with more detailed logging enabled, so that might offer some more clues about when wake timers are set. Maybe we can get more information from folks like you who are seeing this, once that lands?

Sounds cool. I will try to snooze more tabs into different times and see at what time do I see them appear, to give you more info about the issue :slight_smile:

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Oh! And thank you for trying Snooze Tabs and for reporting this issue!

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Hi again,

So, I tried snoozing different tabs into different timings.
The ones that I snoozed for “later today” worked fine. I think also the ones snoozed for “next open”. However, the ones snoozed for the day after @9am (“tomorrow”) didn’t work, they appeared quite later, or sometimes even on another day (can’t really remember the time, but not more than a day later).
I think it is exactly as the issue #234 that you mention.

Not sure if this can help at all.