Proposal: Add more contrast to Toolbox buttons


My perception is that the Node Picker button only reacts to 50 % of my mouse clicks when I’m clicking it. This is probably due to Firefox being busy rendering the web page when I’m clicking the button and, thus, not recognizing my click (FF on Windows 10x64).

However, while my mouse pointer is already on its way up to the document I can hardly see from the corner of my eyes whether the button has been triggered or not. So, many times, I’m accidentally triggering some JavaScript or Hyperlink on the web page instead of just inspecting it. This is rather annoying.

Could you please improve accessibility by rendering the Node Picker button (and other buttons) in a distinctive color when in a “pressed” state?

Here’s the current situation:

And here’s my suggestion:

In my sample images I’m showing an empty web page. Just imagine a fancy blinking and beeping web page to figure the distraction.