[Proposal] Moving discourse to community.mozilla.org

Hello Mozillians !

I feel discouse should come under http://community.mozilla.org Since, we are a part of Mozilla.

I raised the same issue on https://github.com/MozillaFoundation/mofo-devops/issues/367 They directed me here to discuss more on this topic. My question is, are there any problems with my proposal? As they said

Moving under mozilla.org is definitely something we want to do in the
future, but there are multiple things that may need to happen to be
approved to be on mozilla.org (defining policies, security reviews,
fixing usability issues, etc). There’s no time estimate for this

http://community.mozilla.org sounds much better than http://discourse.mozilla-community.org


We’ve been talking about, and hoping to, move to a mozilla.org domain for a while, but as @yousef said, there are a lot of things that need to happen before we can. We just don’t currently have the resources to do some of those things, and it’s hard to give a solid ETA without those resources.

Have we made a list anywhere of the things that do need to happen before we can move under mozilla.org? Doing so would give us something easy to point to when new people come to us wanting to contribute.

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I would expect to see a strong rationale for anything taking up the community.m.o domain, tbh.

discourse covers only some part of our communcation and communities, so that doesn’t make it the obvious candidate to be hosted on community.m.o, I think.


Hi I am thinking can we move Discourse to mozilla.community instead of community.mozilla.org or what ever the new site is going to be as Discouse is a well known name now for Mozilla and its good for building a community

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