Protecting our Users in Kazakhstan

Hi Mozillians,

Earlier today we shared this blog post about how Mozilla is protecting our users in Kazakhstan.

In July, a Firefox user informed Mozilla of a security issue impacting Firefox users in Kazakhstan: They stated that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Kazakhstan had begun telling their customers that they must install a government-issued root certificate on their devices. What users didn’t know was that the certificate was being used to intercept network communications. Other users and researchers confirmed these claims, and listed 3 dozen popular social media and communications sites that were affected.

Today, Mozilla took action to block this certificate. We also encourage anyone who has already installed one of the Kazakhstan government controlled certificates to remove it from their devices.

If you have any questions about the post please respond to this topic and the Policy and Community Development teams will do our best to respond.




Will people of Kazakhstan be able to browse those websites if the certificate is disabled/not installed?