Q1 OKR 2018 doc about Onboarding is finished!

I already published on Discourse a thread for asking feedback on Q1 OKR 2018 - Onboarding, looking for feedback

Now this post is to inform that the doc is finished!

As you can see the first part is about an analysis of the actual situation with a recap of the 2017-2018 status.
The next section is about what to do, what we have to change and stop to do.
Last page is about the requirement that program need from us, as community builders, as set of skills and what the program can give during the onboarding.

The most important part (for my personal point of view) of this doc is the quality improvement of the applications and the people skills, that are part of the program, is not anymore a webinar to see before the onboarding period, but a course to do during the onboarding itself!

So in the document you can see what are the topics of the course but also all the rest of sections that are waiting for your feedback.

So the council is waiting for your feedback!

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