Question about EmbedLiveSample previews


I have made some edits using the links at the bottom of the MDN documentation pages

However, when I preview the changes in the preview tab, the examples are not displayed.

How can the examples be viewed to ensure that they are being displayed properly? Thanks for any information!

Hi @jimm and welcome to the community :wave:

These examples are macros from the underlying MDN platform called “Yari” they get compiled while building the pages.
I think there are two ways to see them:

  • You create a pull request when you think you’re finished. This will automatically create a preview link with the built examples included. If you want to improve the code afterwards, you can add more commits to the automatically created fork.
  • You go the longer way to fork and clone the repo locally. There you can run the local preview server. How to do that is described in Forking and cloning the repository and the following chapter “Contributing to MDN”.

I hope that helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the quick reply. I had hoped that there would be an easy way to get a preview of the examples before creating the pull request.

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