Questions about review removal

(Kevinhowjones) #1

A user left a one-star review which reads like a troll review, and frankly seems malicious.

In another case a user left a one-star review complaining about the move from XUL to Quantum addons, something I have no control over.

Is it possible to get such reviews removed? I am not against getting a poor rating if a user is honestly reviewing my addon for its merit, but some reviews do seem arbitrary and unfair. We once were able to give a descriptive reason for requesting removal, but the interface now is very limited and the topics do not seem to cover all bases. It seems that there is no longer objectivity involved in evaluating these requests. I have tried to get reviews like these removed by trying some of the options (which really don’t fit), however they still seem to linger.

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Hi @kevinhowjones, you can request to have the review moderated by clicking the “flag” link just beneath the review.

If the review doesn’t comply with our user comment policies, it will be removed.

(Kevinhowjones) #3

Thank you Caitlin, yes I am very aware of the currently very limited options and recourse when flagging, hence the reason for my post.