Questions regarding MLS map updates and Android 10 support for Stumbler

Hello! I’m a new MLS contributor (stumbler) in Thailand. I have some questions…

  1. After contributing with both the Stumbler app and the old Firefox app on Android, new data points didn’t seem to display on the map in the MLS website. How frequent does the map update, or does it indicate any issue?
  2. The Stumbler app won’t properly upload data on devices running Android 10 (haven’t tested with Android 11 yet); the app will crash after uploading some data, so I have to rely on my secondary devices running older Android versions. Are there any workarounds, forks of the Stumbler app that work with newer Android versions, or other apps that work similarly to how the Stumbler app works?
  3. The map can’t be displayed, no matter what resolution I choose. I remember I got a 403 error while retrieving map files (haven’t checked on this today). Will any fix on this be issued?

From what I remember, I’ve downloaded the Stumbler app from the official F-Droid repo, and tested it on Redmi Note 7 w/ LineageOS 17.1 (Android 10, official builds back in around August) and Samsung Note 4 (SM-N910C) with official software (Android 6.0.1, my phone which I mainly use it to contribute to MLS at the moment). Firefox contributions were made with the Fennec F-Droid app (old builds dated back to around July-August) with the same Redmi Note 7 phone.

Thank you.

@ppnplus, thank you for using MozStumbler!

The contribution map hasn’t been updated for months. The website and backing servers went through some major upgrades, and the contribution map scripts haven’t been migrated. This is tracked in issue #840. I hope to get this working again by Spring 2021.

The Stumbler app has known issues in Android 10 (such as issue #1874), and probably in Android 11 as well. The map is probably not an Android issue, but instead a change in a third-party API (also reported at issue #1877)

The Stumbler app has not gotten updates in a while, and no one is currently working on it. I can’t give an estimate of when or if these issues will be fixed. Sorry.

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