Questions & Requests for the review process

Hey Folks,

It’s pretty clear right now that there’s been some changes when it comes to which add-ons are manually reviewed, and how long people should expect to wait then it comes to those manual reviews. There’s numerous posts already with people talking about how long reviews are taking. In another thread it was mentioned things should get better at the end of july.

Reviewing our own place in the review process over time, it’s clear that the queue isn’t a simple first-in-first-out. The number of people behind us in the queue has been as high as 17 and as low as one, often jumping up and down. So people behind us in the queue are being taken out of it, and presumably approved.

Firefox used to be where we released first. The reliable quick process helped us get changes to market quickly, and we’d follow up with other browsers later. This is going to need to change for us.

Some questions, that I think if answered would help the development community:

  1. What changed recently requiring more manual reviews?
  2. What can developers do to avoid the manual review requirement? (knowing this may help reduce the manual review load).
  3. Are there multiple manual-review queues? How do you get into the faster manual review queue?
  4. Timeliness of reviews seems to be a perpetual item of concern (the sidebar populated with lots of posts going back years), does mozilla consider extensions to be an asset worth prioritizing?


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