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Good morning.
After the email I received citing that the mozillans-org site will be discontinued.

Following what was mentioned in the email, I went to

I did everything right but I run into this error screen.

What do I do now?

Yes I don’t speak English, so I used an online translator.

It looks like there was a step missed when setting up We’ll fix this up and comment in this thread to let you know to try it again.

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Good night.

OK thank you.

@Maikelsantos the issue should be fixed now. Please can you try again and let us know if it’s working now? Thank you

Sorry for the delay in responding.

Yes, I was able to access the site,but it has already passed 05/11/2020.

I was unable to take my certificate to

In the case mentioned in the print.

is this normal?


Hi @Maikelsantos, this is normal, vouches are not ported to, they remain in

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OK Then you can close as solved.