Queue feature / Release 0.3.6

Around mid december we decided we wanted to explore adding a queue
feature to Min Vid. Queues not only support adding YouTube playlists,
but also allow you to add media from multiple different
sources. Direct links to audio and video supported by firefox, vimeo
videos, and soundcloud tracks can all be played in Min Vid. Min Vid
now holds on to playback history which you can access right in the

When you want to add a video from YouTube, you can still use the same
overlay button from previous releases to launch the video into Min
Vid, but we’ve added a second button to allow you to add it your
currently playing queue. We’ve moved around some of the controls and
added a new button to expand your queue and history lists into the min
vid window from the right side of the player.

In order to support this feature, we decided to do some work on the
playback functionality of audio and video, fixing a lot of bugs we
were running into in previous releases, you can see a full list of
fixes in the commit message

Most of the changes went into refactoring the audiosource
, as well as

If you’d like to contribute, feel free to file issues on the
repository or
come chat with us in #min-vid on the mozilla irc network.

The addon is just great! But is seems that direct links are not working… For example the podcast: https://audio.simplecast.com/8e26489a.mp3 Firefox opens it with its direct html5 audio player, but no signs of Min Vid there to add it to the queue…