QuickText: auto-add email recipients to the TO field?

Is it possible to automatically add specific recipients to the TO FIELD with QuickText?

If so, how?


I just installed it and was wondering the same thing.

I found this and it worked for me:

Quicktext stores the templates in a file called template.xml.
You can manually edit it, though make a backup first.

I’ll quote the relevant message here:

Helvetica	2012-06-18 18:10:43
I asked Emil this back in October of 2007 because I need to send a templated email to the same address almost every day. Emil's reply, which I am adding below, worked fine with my old Quicktext Pro but not with 9.11.3. But perhaps someone can get it to work with the 9.11.3 version ?
Here is his reply from October 2007:
(note that fredsmith@blabla.com is just the sample TO email address and should be changed to the one you want it to be).

>2) You want the Quicktext template to change the To-header right?
>What you have to do is manually edit the templates.xml file
>because there is no GUI for it yet.
>You find the templates.xml file in the Quicktext-folder in the
>Thunderbird profile folder.
>You add a header-tag and it should look something like this:
><text shortcut="" type="0">
> <name><![CDATA[Header test]]></name>
> <headers>
> <header>
> <type><![CDATA[to]]></type>
> <value><![CDATA[fredsmith@blabla.com]]></value>
> </header>
> </headers>
> </text>
>The different types that is available is to, cc, bcc, reply-to.
>The only headers you can change is to, cc, bcc, reply-to. Not the
>Be sure to backup the templates.xml file before you start editing

I hope that helps. It worked a treat for me.
I had to restart thunderbird before my changes took effect.