Reactivate a snoozed Tab

(Bridget ) #1

It would be nice to be able to reactivate a snoozed tab.

(lmorchard) #2

If you click on “Manage Snoozed Tabs” from the main panel, you should then be able to click on snoozed tabs to re-open them. Is that what you were looking for? Or is there another feature you had in mind?

(John Edgley) #3

Hi, I love the idea of SnoozeTabs however I have a similar concern to bridget0423. I know I can get them back thro’ “Manage Snoozed Tabs” but as someone who wishes to snooze many (I work with permutations of up to about thirty tabs in three windows) and then reactivate randomly but frequently that’s a tad cumbersome…

It would be great if they were all shown in a “Snoozed Tab”, On clicking to that tab all snoozed tabs would be shown as thumbs much as they are on a new tab (or perhaps listed like history if there’s too many for thumbs - selectable?). They could auto open to a new, selected, tab with a right click option for “new window” perhaps.

Reading the other threads has also left me somewhat confused as to whether snoozed tabs are currently throttled back - I would hope so as that’s my main reason for wanting to snooze, but my attempts to check have, so far, proven inconclusive…

(Leo McArdle) archived #4