Reader Mode data

Any chance Mozilla could include statistics on usage of its reader mode in the next report?

How many percentage of Firefox users use reading mode at least once a month. How many times a month do they use it?

Hi D-a,

Good suggestion! We’ll strongly consider it in the next metrics batch (depends on a couple factors so can’t make any promises!) but that’s a great idea! :slight_smile:

  • Su

Hi :wave: I thought I’d follow up to ask if this ever happened in the end? I couldn’t find anything like this in the Firefox Public Data Report.

I’ve been researching usage data on reader modes/views across browsers, there is none as far as I can see, and this thread is the only place I could find where the need for such data has been expressed.

Having this data would help for:

Personally I see support for reader mode as a good way to improve the accessibility of web content, but without much information on its usage it’s hard to justify the effort in improving how well it works on sites I work on.