Ready...steady...Firefox ScreenshotGo (Beta)

(Reposted from the SUMO Community Forum)


Hot on the heels of Firefox Reality comes a new chance for you to learn, support and test a new application for Android from Mozilla.

Firefox ScreenshotGo builds on the screenshot functionality in Firefox Rocket and, as with that app, is being initially launched in Indonesia. Instead of being a pure browser, it allows the user to take a screenshot of whatever is on the screen, organise and share their screenshots and (this is where the magic happens) recognise text and links that you can then search the web for.

While the release version is only currently available for one locale, it is possible for everyone with an Android device to get involved in the Beta testing.

Using the credentials for your Play Store account, open this link and join the ScreenshotGo community from your desktop:

Once you have been approved, using the same credentials, open this link:

…and select the download link for the Beta version. This will take you to the app page. Save the app to your Wishlist and access your Wishlist from your Android device to download the app.

Please use this to help users. If you find any bugs, please report them at or in the ScreenshotGo community.


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