Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta is Here! Let Us Know What You Think!

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Forwarding this announcement on behalf of the The Firefox ScreeshotGo Team

Hi Mozillians,

Two weeks ago, the Taipei team launched another new Android app in Indonesia, the beta version of Firefox ScreenshotGo. We’d love to hear feedback from users outside of Indonesia and we are inviting all Mozillians to give this app a try.

If you are interested, here’s how to download Firefox SreenshotGo or sideload app directly from Github. Also Firefox ScreenshotGo can be downloaded from Google Play for users in Indonesia.

What is Firefox ScreenshotGo?

It’s a simple and powerful tool that lets the user easily organize and find their screenshots by collections.

The idea originated from Firefox Rocket and multiple user research we performed in Indonesia, we discovered that Indonesians just love taking screenshots to quickly capture all online activities across various apps, so we decided to launch an app see if we can tap into this common mobile usage pattern in Indonesia and bring users back to the web.

Our hypothesis is that a screenshot is a strong save-for-later intent. So we ask ourselves “could we help the users with products that they may want to purchase?” Or “could we help the users with articles that they may be interested to read further?” We believe we can.

Major features in Open Beta include:

  • A “Go Button” (a floating action button) to easily take and organize a screenshot
  • All your screenshots can be viewed and sorted by collections
  • A magic button to extract texts from screenshots to help you search the web again easily

Open Beta is an exciting milestone, but we’re still far from being done. We would like to thank our amazing team who has devoted/contributed time and energy to make this app a reality.

Please give Firefox ScreenshotGo a try and let us know what do you think! We will be providing more existing updates at the Orlando All Hands.

The Firefox ScreeshotGo Team