Recreating Common Voice promo video

I’m planning to make a video about Common Voice in Georgian. I stumbled upon this video and similar ones in other languages. (To consider for planning) Is it possible to get the assets used in the video and host it on Mozilla’s youtube channel?


Thanks for your question

The static images from that campaign can be accessed here. You can use these when editing the video.

Ps. This folder includes all assets you can use and remake from graphics to postcards.

What software are you using to make the video ?

Hi Hillary,

Thanks for the resources.

Not sure about the software yet. If I do the editing it would Camtasia, but I might find a professional editor to do the job.

Your welcome.

If you are interested there is also Canva that you can use to edit videos it includes the usual edit and you can also add graphics, sound effects and more.

Also, where would you like to share it as well.

For example I know a lot of people use CutPro X for tiktok