Marketing Campaign update: Localisable static images

Hey Common Voice Community,

We are excited to share with you some editable images that can be localised, and see how you use the images to spotlight your community!

To make use of these images you can:

  1. Include a message that captures why the common voice mission matters
  2. Add the appropriate website URL for your language
  3. Finally, add the text Common Voice (Your language) Community

(The font text we use is Zilla Slab)

Here’s an example in Spanish:

You can access these images through this google folder. When using these images, please abide by the Community Participation Guidelines.

We look forward to many more campaigns coming soon and as always would love new ideas. (You can still get in touch about a Mozfest Twitter takeover! by 1st July, 6pm GMT).

All the best,


edit - link was broken


Hey, thanks for offering this to the community :slight_smile: Where can we see the original quotes and messages from the official campaign? Right now, it is hard for me to know what to do with these pictures, and adding a phrase the persons didn’t say feels a little weird.


Hey Stefan,

You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

For some inspiration, the quotes used for the static images include the following.

For the carousel format (group of 3 pictures together),

  • "Voice technology is powering more tools than more ever before,
  • “Today’s voice-enabled devices don’t understand many of the world’s languages, accents and speech patterns”
  • “Your Voice can make a difference”

Also here is an example of an image from the campaign.

Feel free to make this your own, so it feels authentic to you and why you contribute to Common Voice.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.