Release 0.3.4

Min Vid 0.3.4 update

Hey TestPilot,

Min Vid pushed an update over the weekend including some of the
following changes.

version number -> 0.3.4
release commit ->


  • Support for HTML5 audio and video tags and direct links
  • Support for SoundCloud tracks
  • revert removal of vine support
  • handling of closed captions options on YouTube
  • Close min vid when last Firefox window is closed
  • Some work around unmute/mute and volume levels (should be completely
    fixed in next release)
  • More specific error messages
  • greater L10N support, lots more languages! (check the repo for details)
  • fixed issue with time reporting

Dev Highlights:

  • automatic pushes for deployment
  • proptype validation for react
  • more eslint checks
  • added greenkeeper for keeping dependencies up to date
  • remove excess files, making the build smaller
  • removed uglifyjs because of issues with build server installing from
    git urls.

At the time of writing this email Min Vid is at 208,834 users!

-Dave Justice