Released Model - Tacotron2 - Few errors popping up + necessary fixes

Hi Guys and @erogol -

This is my first time posting/contributing so not sure if this is the right place to post.

Noticed a few things were outdated or did not align in terms of the older Tacotron model that is released for the files + config.json for the first released model - Not sure if you want to put a sticky for people who want to reference in the future.

  1. This error is still popping up - fix is here but edits need to be made
  2. config.json in your checkpoint file is missing a few parameters for some reason in comparison to the older TTS file. Need to incorporate those in and should work.

I know it is bit confusing, I simply use the dev branch, all others can be flawed.

@othiele were you able to get the released models to work with the dev branch? Usually I would get layer errors during training and ruin the current model

This setup works well for German:

And the DDC models are the newest - I think, check the English one from the wiki