Remote Participation at Whistler

Can’t make it to Whistler but want to follow along with what’s going on?

Throughout the week the Participation Team will be sharing pictures, links and updates here to make it easy to follow along at home.

This is also a place where you can ask your questions, share feedback, and chat about the things you’re seeing or would like to see during the week.

You can also share questions and find updates on Twitter with the hashtag #MozParticipation.


If people would find it more useful, I can make a sub-category for Whistler things, then it can be multiple topics.

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Sorry we didn’t update this during the week, we’ve put together this summary of what happened HERE!

It’s also HERE on the blog.

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Is there going to be a share back including lessons learned, strategies developed, plans made, decisions decided, etc?

I personally geek out on pictures of walls filled with sticky notes. Would love to see those if any were taken with brief descriptions for context! :smiley:

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If you check out the North America category under communities, we are planning our own report back/share out from those who were able to attend.

@majken that sounds awesome!

@CaptainCalliope We are also currently working on a more in-depth blog post about the week that delves into the topics you mentioned. Aiming to have it on the blog some time next week! Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


@CaptainCalliope not from Whistler (Mozfest planning) but should tide you over until we do our Whistler shareout.


@majken Got your invite. The time of the event is an hour before a standing meeting, but I might be able to catch the first half!

@lucyeoh Yay! It’ll be great to get a sense as to how the first half of the year has gone for participation and how it’ll feed into the second half. :slight_smile:

@emma_irwin Ahh… that’s the good stuff! Thx for the hit. <3

Sure, it’d be great to have you!

Also anyone in North America who wants to help with community building is welcome to come to our meeting. Staff and volunteers welcome, just let me know here, or in our thread here if you’d like an invite.