Meeting after Whistler 2015-07-07

We have several NA community members who were able to attend Whistler.

It’s summer, but maybe we can try to find a time to have a report back and choose some activities to collaborate on?

@emma_irwin, @jswisher, @williamr What do you think? (also please tag other North Americans at Whistler who would be interested in participating!)

I was at WW too and happy to report back. :slight_smile: More the merrier since we’re all involved in different teams and can provide various perspectives. Other NA reps I met were @gueroJeff @lasr21 @marcia, Larissa (sorry but I can’t find Larissa’s handle on Discourse). May be missing others so please add if I’ve missed anyone.

@lshapiro <-- found her!

I’m jealous of the Whistler meetup, I’ve always wanted to go :’(

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@feer56 is there too.

In the meantime, could people give an idea of what time of day works best? Generally answer weekday/weekend and during the work day or after the workday. After I have a few responses I can start a doodle.

I’m pretty open but I’d prefer weekday during working hours.

That would be good, we became muted for a while and think it’s a good time to meet at least once a month.

@feer56 Hello sir!

Ok everyone, I’ve made a Doodle poll for some times next week. They are fairly arbitrary so please reply ASAP to make a suggestion, eg “Not Tuesday at 3, but Tuesday at 2?” These are based around my availability, I leave Wednesday night for a trip.

I’ve included Yes, No, If Need Be options. <- vote vote vote!!

Great, thanks

Hi @Kensie my vote is done.


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Just voted, and remembered that @emma_irwin probably has limited availabilities since she flew to Scotland for MozFest planning right after Work Week. Not sure when that one wraps up?

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@alex_mayorga Making sure you saw this so you can vote!

Thanks! I have also had almost no wireless so just catching up now. I have voted for the best time for me.

Alright, I’ve closed the poll as we have a strong contender and not too much time left!

Since this is mostly going to be informational, I think we can make sure to document things well and start related discussions in Discourse for those who can’t make it. We’ll be mindful of what needs to be NDA only, we can use a shared Google doc maybe.

Meeting will be Tuesday at 6pm EDT/3pm PDT. I’ll send out a calendar invite. If you don’t get one, let me know that you want one, and what email address to use.

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I’ve made a hackable agenda here:

If you went to Whistler, please fill in ahead of time the topics you’d like to cover so people who can’t make it to the meeting can put their questions in the pad.

There’s also a section for other updates/topics, same deal, let’s put it in the agenda ahead of time so people can add questions, or +1 the topics they’d most like to cover if we have time left.

Thanks for this Kensie. Not sure why but I couldn’t access the pad via my persona account and had to request access. Anyways, hopefully I’ll gain access soon, before tomorrow’s meeting so I can start adding to the pad.


I’ve set the pad to public, so keep that in mind when adding agenda items to it. Don’t add any info that’s NDA only!

@hlee I didn’t get the email for your access request, can you try again? It’ll be good to have an account if we want to set it back to private.

@majken I just applied for an account again. It keeps telling me that I’ve requested it and I’ll get an email upon success, but I haven’t seen anything yet. Anyways, at least now I can work on the pad. Will let you know once I confirm an account. Thanks!

I was out, but I’ve approved it now!

Is this happening? I don’t see a link in the calendar invite.

I just sent an email with a link to the vidyo room. We’re in #northamerica on IRC if you need real time help.