Removing the Discourse Marketplace app

While cleaning up our configurations, I had to disable the bit of our nginx config that serves the webapp manifest correctly to fix the docker deployment. Given that WebRT is being removed from desktop and Android, and Firefox OS is being removed as something that exists (in the form Discourse would be useful to, at least), is this something we want to re-enable in the future? I’ve hidden the listing from marketplace searches for now but should we delete it?


I am okay with this.

I can’t see any reason you’d want to re-enable it, but even after deletion it could be re-added if necessary, right?

That sounds right. In the future we might look at adding a W3C App Manifest (see, that will help improve the Add To Homescreen experience for lots of folks.

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Discourse now supports Add to Homescreen for Android. From here, I imagine the work required to support Firefox should be fairly straight forward. Let me know if any Mozillian would like to volunteer to work on this, and I’ll make sure it gets some attention on our end.