Rep of the month - February 2015

Stefania Ioana Chiorean (@ioana_cis) is one of the most humble, inspiring and hard working contributor of the Reps community.

She has always been an inspiration of enthusiasm for the Mozilla community worldwide. Her proactive nature of getting things done has motivated Reps throughout. Being the part of Mozilla Romania Community, Ioana helps out anyone and everyone who wants to learn and make the web better.

Spreading around Mozillian News through Social Media accounts of Mozilla Romania Community she enjoys helping the SUMO community. An emboldening persona in Womoz, Ioana encourages women participation in tech.

During the last few months, Ioana has been organizing and participating in several events to promote Mozilla like FOSDEM, OSOM, and also to involve more women into Free/Open Source communities and Mozilla through WoMoz initiative, highly involved in Mozilla QA helping to smash as many bugs as possible in several Mozilla products.

Ioana is now driving the Buddy Up QA Pilot program, which aims to recruit and train community members to actively own testing of this project. Also we welcome Ioana as a Peer of the Reps Module and congratulate her for being the Rep of the Month!

Thanks Ioana for all you do for the the Reps, Mozilla and the Open Web.

Cheers little Romanian Vampire!


little Romanian Vampire :smile: Congratulations !!

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Congrats Ioanita!!! :grinning:

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Hurray Ioana! Congratulations!

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Congratulations Ioana.

Bravo Ioanna!!! Good for you!!! Congratulations!!! :smiley:

Congratulations Ioana!! :smile:

Congrats @Ioana !

Finally, congrats Ioana!

BTW, nice picture :wink:

Congratulations Ioana, you really redefine every day what it means to be a Rep. So much passion and dedication! Thank you for all the things you do for the Reps!

Congrats, well deserved!

Congratulations lady! :slight_smile:

I wondered ow it was possible that you had not been nominated yet…
Congrats, @ioana_cis and don’t go biting everyone around!

Hey Iona,

Me too had the same thought as Flore! BRAVO, you deserve that since long a time…I very happy for you !keep it up!



Mozilla Mauritius

Congratulations Ioana!!! @Ioana

Congratzzz Ioana! :smile: You deserved it!

I will send you a “French kiss” via Hello tomorrow :yum:

Well done & keep rocking the open web community!

Congrats Ioana! \0/

love love love to Ioana <3
I miss you! Hahaha