Rep of the Month - January 2018

Please join us in congratulating Cynthia Pereira, our Reps of the Month for January 2018!

Cynthia is digital communications strategist and front-end developer with expertise on technical consulting, user and staff training and customer service in IT and Telecom segments. She has been a part of the Mozilla community for a long time and and her work has made a big push into Mozilla’s mission through local community efforts.

Cynthia’s main work around Mozilla is in the L10n as manager for pt-BR language, Mozilla Community Web Services, Social Media for Firefox Brazil and as a Mozilla Rep in Brazil. She loves empower, motivate and hear people to design goals and reach metrics that help to build a better community to all. Currently she is conducting a QA project within the l10n project and in the coming months she will invest her time and talent to help projects like the Internet Health Report, WoMoz (D & I) and the Glass Room Experience.

Thank you Cynthia, keep rocking the open Web! :tada: :tada:


Congratulations! Awesome work! Thank you for join us as an awesome team player! :confetti_ball: :tada: :balloon:

Great work @cynthiapereira ! Congratulations!

Congratulations Cynthia! Good work!!!

Best regards,
QA Mozilla Hispano Team Responsible

Yay congrats! I’m proud to have you as a leader to our community <3

Great work @cynthiapereira!!!

Congratulations Cynthia! Amazing work!

@cynthiapereira Congratulations! muito bom trabalho…

Congrats!! Excellent! :smile:

Cynthia is a genuine open web hero and a multi-dimensional Mozillian with a contagiously positive attitude :slight_smile:

So happy to have you on board with all of us, Cynthia!

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I was very fortunate to work with Cynthia ahead of the launch of Firefox Quantum on getting ready for questions we might be asked by users in SUMO. With Cynthia in Brazil and myself in the UK, we fired questions and answers at each other over a shared document and on IRC. It was a productive few hours and was a great example of how Mozillians can work together even when so far apart.

I can also speak for the work that Cynthia has done (together with the awesome and amazing Brazil community) in raising awareness of Mozilla’s mission over social media.

This recognition is very well deserved. Keep doing amazing things and being an inspiration to so many.