Report Italian Common Voice May sprint

Italian version: Report del Common Voice Sprint di Maggio

In May, we organized a national sprint dedicated to the Common Voice where 6 events were organized throughout Italy.

The cities involved were: Rome, Terni, Rieti, Turin, Benevento and Brescia.

Our volunteers took care of finding the location, promoting and inviting as many people as possible and the national community instead took care of the slides and press releases (with the poster Share your event printing materials ) and social press as well as send gadgets and organize the sprint.

This sprint has been in the works for some time but only this month we managed to organize ourselves before the summer and make these events where we encountered problems and learned new things for the future.

For transparency here is what we have done and discovered (feedback from the 6 events):

  • The month of May is problematic for those who go to university, so you risk not having participation from that kind of audience
  • Having the slides ready allowed a volunteer to do his first talk
  • The 6:00 pm time was inconvenient due to office hours
  • During the week it is a problem for those who work
  • People are not encouraged to contribute to Common Voice during the event because they are just curious about the project
  • All interested but then have no time to contribute
  • Sometimes the participants had already attended other meetings on the Common Voice topic
  • Difficulty in attracting participants even if the event is not advanced or does not require computer skills
  • Anyone who contributes or participates in open source for a long time understands the importance of the project
  • The activity is boring and not engaging

What we will do in the future:

  • A remote event for everyone on the same day
  • Organize among friends of the local group without hoping for an external participation, then in a coffee bar or elsewhere where there is internet connection without the need for a large room with screen projector
  • We are working to implement the Italian language model with common voice data
  • Gadget requests must be made 3 weeks before the event for any type of activity
  • Evaluate other types of activities for events instead of Common Voice

Thanks to: @ giovanni.lamotta, @astrastefania and Luisa for help in their cities

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Thanks for the report @Mte90 :smiley:

Do you have stats about how many people participated our the output of the activities done?


The people joined in all the events was less then 10. There was one with only 4 people.

About the contribution on CV is not possible to track easily but looking at the portal during the 2 weeks we got only 1 hours of new recordings.