[Reps Coaches] Training is now open!

Hey Reps!

As part of our RepsNext initiative, we aimed to transition our Reps mentorship system into a more coaching approach.

The Coaching Training is now the process to become a coach for existing mentors and aspiring ones. The training involves going through the materials on Teachable, posting narratives on Discourse and a Coaching Practice Week where you will be paired with another trainee to discuss test cases.

To get started, check out the wiki page, register on the Teachable course and start the training at your own pace!


Quick reminder that the training is open and you can start now! This is open to every Rep and I know a lot of you asked in the past on how to get involved in it :wink:


Cool. Just starting. Just to note, there is a duplication of Confirm Your Account emails sent out from mailgun. 2 seconds apart of each other. The first email’s confirmation link responds with:

Oops! Please fix the following:

  • is invalid

The second email works as expected.

@mkohler Your comment mentions the training is open to every Rep. However, in https://mozilla.teachable.com/p/coaching-training it reads: “Coaching Training for Mozilla Reps Mentors” so it looks a bit confusing to me.


Thanks for this feedback. Indeed, I guess the “Mentors” part can be removed. @couci could you please do that?

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Yes, I’m also a little confused, can you confirm if this is for every Rep?
Thanks :wink:

Yes it is. You can find more information on https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Coaching

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aww thanks @mkohler, I will check the wiki page :wink:

How can we know the schedule for Coaching Practice week? I couldn’t find it on https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Coaching/Practice_Week

Can someone help?

Hi! It will be scheduled once we have a partner for you :slight_smile: