Council Meeting Notes - 2018-02-13

Hello Reps,
apologies for being late, here are the last meeting notes:

  • Reps OKRs: the Reps OKRs are finally finalised and sent to Peers for feedback. The will be available for all the Reps soon. We apologize for being late, but unfortunately the whole organization was by design late this quarter. We hope we will do better next quarter.
  • New Onboarding Screening Team: Welcome to the new Onboarding Screening Team 2018-1 The onboarding team has been announcenced, go ahead and congratulate them on the discourse topic
  • Reps Coaches are waiting you: [Reps Coaches] Training is now open! We are always working with people that want to become a Rep Coach and soon will produce a retrospective report. Are you interested? Apply now :slight_smile:
  • We are working on a final draft to Update interests, Activity etc in the Reps portal. Check the work here: