Reps Elections - Voting Tutorial

Hi Reps

As you know we’ve switched to the Community Portal which doesn’t allow us to do the voting. Previously we had our Council Elections on the Reps Portal, now it’s the time to try something else.

We’ve analyzed several tools and decided to use HeliosVoting going forward. We’ll see how it works out, and will apply the learnings from this voting to the next one.

How to vote

  1. You will receive a username, password and the link to the voting page in an email with the subject “Vote: Reps Council Elections H2 2020” coming from “”.

  1. Click on the link, and you will get general information about the voting

  1. Click on “Start” and select all the Reps you’d like to see on Council for the next term. You can choose as many as you want - or no one if you want to send an empty vote. The “more info” link will go to the Reps’ Community Portal profile.

  1. Once you’re happy with your choice, click on “Proceed” and verify that your selection is correct.

  1. If your vote is correct, click “Submit this Vote!”
  2. Log in with your voting credentials, using the “voter ID” and “password” from the email

  1. Now you should see the confirmation, at this point your vote will be counted! You will also get a confirmation to your email address.

  1. You are done, nothing else needs to be done! Thanks for voting!
  2. If you at any time want to change your vote, you can start at Step 1 again and only your last vote will count.

Audit submission

You do not need to do this for a normal vote. However you can do this if you want to. Please make sure to follow the on-screen steps correctly.

Once you got the confirmation you can click on “Back to voting info”. At the bottom of that page you can expand the “Audit Info” section by clicking on it.

In the “Ballot Tracking Center” you can verify that your vote was counted.

You can find your alias in the initial voting email you got. If next to your voting alias you find the same “Smart Ballot Tracker” as you received in the confirmation, all is good!

Once the elections are closed, we will let HeliosVoting calculate the results and write a Discourse post for it. If you want to check the detailed results, you can re-open the election link you initially got through email and you will see all the results:

Happy to answer any questions here if you get stuck or something is not clear.


on behalf of the Reps Module Owner and Peers


Very comprehensive, thanks for the work on this Michael.

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Nice tutorial! Very clear and easy to understand. Thanks @mkohler.

Thanks for this, it is very intuitive