Reps Council Elections H1 2021 - Voting is now open!

Hi Reps

The Voting for the Reps Council Elections Spring 2021 is now open! You will find all the necessary links and login credentials in your email inbox (make sure to check your spam folder as well!). Due to a screwup of mine, make sure to use the second email you got: “Vote: New Voting Link - Reps Council Elections H1 2021

You can find the candidates Questions&Answers at:

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to either reach out to the Reps Peers in private or post your question here, or in the Matrix chat room.

And here’s last time’s voting tutorial which should still be applicable:

Make sure to vote before April 15th, 20:00 UTC!

Happy voting!
on behalf of the Reps Module Owner and Peers

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I tried to vote but the system didn’t let me choose all the ones I wanted, I could choose only one. So I didn’t finish the procedure because I need to know if this is the expected or if it is some kind of bug.
Please let me know as soon as possible to be able to actually vote!

Please disregard my earlier message, I tried with another link and it worked as expected. Thanks!

Yes, that’s exactly why I unfortunately had to create another voting and send out the second email. Thanks for reporting though!

No problem Michael!
BTW, is there a link to be able to keep track of the voting process?

Go to, log in with your credentials and you’ll see how many have voted.

Done! Thanks Michael!