Reps Monthly Newsletter - Applications are now open!


(Prathamesh Chavan) #1

Hello Amazing Reps!

We, the Reps Council, are very excited to announce that the applications to join the Mozilla Reps Monthly Newsletter team are now open! The application will stay open until 23rd April 13:00 UTC and will be reviewed by the Reps Council.
The Reps Monthly Newsletter is a way to share the Reps program updates in a categorized manner on a monthly basis. The objective of the Reps Monthly Newsletter is to keep a Rep updated with the latest program developments and updates.

Proposed skills:

  • Good writer in English
  • Presenter (Analyst and good at summarization - Experience in graphics is a plus)
  • Committed

Proposed requirements :

  • Good at documentation
  • Gather data (Surveys, UX, etc.)
  • Data screening and content summarization
  • Information gathering and presentation
  • 1 to 2 hours a week
  • Experienced Rep, at least 1 year at the program

The Reps Monthly Newsletter team would be a team of 2 Reps and 1 Reps Council member whose tenure would be of 6 months. The team would be directly accountable to the Reps Council and the Reps Council member present in the team is responsible to report the progress and status of the newsletter quarterly to the Reps Council.

The responsibility of the team would be to follow-up on the monthly developments and updates of the Reps program and publish a Reps Monthly Newsletter on the first day of every month (if the first day of the month falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the Newsletter could be published on Friday).

Member responsibility is as follows :

  • Council Member : Project Manager and acts as a bridge between the Reps Council and the Team
  • Member 1 : Gather and summarize the content
  • Member 2 : Newsletter presentation (Content view, graphics and interface)

To apply, you can simply reply to this post with the answers of the below questions :

  1. What interests you to apply for this role?
  2. Links of the blogs/articles which can prove your writing skills (experience)
  3. Your Reps profile link

On behalf of the Reps Council,

Announcing the Reps Monthly Newsletter Team
(ganesh) #2
  1. What interests you to apply for this role?

I used to read most of the articles on Mozilla and I feel I can contribute in this regard. Further, I am also bilingual, English and French.

  1. Links of the blogs/articles which can prove your writing skills (experience)

3.Your Reps profile link

(Ruwan Ranganath) #3


Please consider below details of mine as a application to Monthly Newsletter team.

What interests you to apply for this role?

I’ve been a blogger for a long time with different tech and my personal writings.Commited Mozillian with aiming privacy and secure web. Also would like to write and connect with people ( which is always good ) . have been working on building stable community with mozilla local communities. Public speaker and Presenter.
Willing to do researches to gather people experinces and thoughts.

Links of the blogs/articles which can prove your writing skills (experience)

Your Reps profile link

Best regards !
Ruwan Ranganath

(S M Sarwar Nobin) #4
  1. What interests you to apply for this role?
    I want to research with people and want to get real-life experience from it.

Links of the blogs/articles which can prove your writing skills (experience)
Normally I localize string. You may think it as writing skills cause here I don’t translate fully. I localize it.
Your Reps profile link ( Started 2 months before only but I was with Mozilla Bangladesh about four years long.

(Mariot Tsitoara) #5


This is a great idea, thanks for putting it forward!

  1. What interest me about this is the opportunity to do work that can influence other mozillians. I am a Mozilla Tech Speaker and since I’m in the program, I’m always searching for new ways to reach out to people and I think the Newsletter Program can do that for me. Also, on a more personal note, I’ve not been involved in many Mozilla programs lately and I think it’s time for me to jump back into the game.

  2. I’ve mostly been into articles writing during the time of Firefox OS. Here are some of my articles:
    I am the writer for our blog and my personal blog.

  3. My profile link:

Again, thanks for the initiative!