Reps Portal Release Notes - 2018-03-21

Hi everyone

Yesterday there was another push to production. The following was changed:

  • Bug 1411927 - Fixed wrong order in events list - @curiouslearner
  • Fixed non-Docker installation documentation to fix DATABASE_URL - @curiouslearner
  • Removed Community IT requests from Dashboard (was only shown to Council) - @Mte90
  • “Events” and “People” lists now show number of found results at the top of the list instead of the bottom - @Mte90
  • Reps API: the activities and user endpoints now accept the orderby parameter as well - @Mte90 / @mkohler
  • Added Reps Portal issues query to README - @mkohler
  • Fixed “service ports” command documentation for Docker installation - @mkohler

Thanks all!


Thanks! It is a pleasure to contribute to remo :slight_smile:

Will see what I can pick up next :wink:


@curiouslearner @Mte90 @mkohler, once again bravo, bravo, bravo. You are doing immensely helpful work. Please keep the Pull Request coming. @akatsoulas loves to review & approve them. :slight_smile: