Reps Rebranding - Next Steps

(Elio Qoshi) #1

Hi fellow Reps,

As you might have heard some weeks ago , we are planning to rebrand Mozilla Reps to align with the updated Mozilla branding ( ) we have seen rolling out this year. In order to make this process as transparent as possible, we would like to ask for your thoughts in getting a step closer to how Reps will look like in its next iteration.

As you have seen quite often in the past years, Mozilla is changing. With internal changes, we also change on the outside, literally in this case, we have a new visual identity, a new way we look like and a new way we are perceived. With Reps, we remember the early days with nostalgia and coming to think of it, the Reps program has a longer history than many of us here at Mozilla in general, something which is truly amazing for the fast paced speed Mozilla is used to. However with a logo which is over 8 years old and a color palette from the early days of Mozilla, we will have to move on and adapt to the rest of the organization. To summarize, that means:

  • The Reps Logo will change and be adapted with the new Mozilla guidelines
  • The Dark Red Reps color will be replaced with a color from the new color palette of the new Mozilla Brand

I know this might sound scary and unfamiliar for some, but having seen quite some rebranding projects in the past years, I am sure that the community will be happy with the results if we are having a constructive discussion around it.

Having said that, let’s start it off with a few proposals of the new Reps logo lockup in various color variations permitted by the new Mozilla brand:

Let us know in the comments what your favorite is. After we have gathered some feedback we will decide on the next steps to take here.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts!

New Reps Logo
[Announcement] Mozilla Reps Logo
New Reps Logo
(Kairo) #2

I like #1 best mostly because it still keeps a red tone and therefore connects to our previous materials.

(Geraldo Barros) #3

Hi Reps,

I am adding 2 images that I use to make color decision for logos or any graphics, I hope this can help the decision in your opinions. :slight_smile:

@elioqoshi, we could add a poll here in Discourse to get quicker feedback.


(Rubén Martín) #4

I think we should have a discussion first rather than a voting. I would like to hear people’s opinions so we can come up with a final proposal from the Council, which will be the final decision maker.

(Michael Kohler) #5

I really like #3, but considering we already will have that for MozActivate, I think #1 is the best option. I would like to stay with a red-ish color.

If I could choose freely, I would go with “Red 2” from :wink:

(Geraldo Barros) #6

I believe the colors #3 and #5 are interesting, I support the change of program main color, red has been used for a long time, is a good opportunity to change.

(Akshit Sharma) #7

+1 for the #1 logo, as the color is the closest to the old red reps logo.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #8

Personally I think that is better to keep the actual color and as other say 1 is the most similar for the color so for us is very important.

(ganesh) #9

one in the list is first and striking!

(Eduardo Urcullú Madrid) #10

Hi reps,

In my personal opinion, I prefer thhe first, the “traditional” red. I think the mozilla reps logo has been an identification brand withi this color.

(Edoardo Viola) #11

Hello everyone,
Personally I love the number 1. But I like the number 2 and the number 5 at the same.
I like the idea to maintain the original color, but if something need to be changed I love the purple and the Yellow at the same!!! :slight_smile:

(Rubén Martín) #12


I want to echo what people already said about reddish option 1 :wink:


(Ranjith Raj) #13

What is the deadline to finalize the reps logo design?

(Elio Qoshi) #14

Thanks for reminding us about this! Deadline should be 31st August to wrap up all input and come to a conclusion :slight_smile:

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #15

I’m all for keeping the original Red color for the new logo. However #1 is a very light shade of red. Can we have the Red similar to this Reps category on Discourse or request the Design Team to add a more darker/brighter shade of red in the palette?

(Rizki Kelimutu) #16

I like the 2nd one. The color looks vibrant, representing our spirit as a mobilizer. But if we want to be more elegant, number 3 looks more appropriate. I like the shade of red from our current logo, but I don’t think the reddish shade in the 1st option will match our spirit as an enthusiastic community program.

(Ranjith Raj) #17

@elioqoshi Is it finalised?

(Gabriela) #18

If we were to change from red, I like the green one!


(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #19

I’m really drawn to the purple. The word cloud really matches my perception of Mozilla more too. Would be so ace if we could each somehow choose our personal color. Especially for clothing.

(David Ross - Mozilla Rep & UK Community) #20

Also I wonder if the people icon is perhaps evoking the masculine? Seeing this more as I play with logo variations in the other thread. Brings to mind the often used symbol for a men’s toilet? Could also be perceived as ableist?

New Reps Logo
[Announcement] Mozilla Reps Logo