Reps Weekly Call 14/09/2021

Hello Amazing Reps!

Come to today Reps call at 16:00 UTC to hear about the current and incoming campaigns!


  • Topic 1: Francesca will give some updates on the current Foxfooding campaign

  • Topic 2: Konstantina will talk about an incoming testing campaign


See you all soon!



notes from the meeting:

TOPIC 1: Ongoing Foxfooding campaign

  • more than 450 subscribers

  • 5 events

  • 19 bugs filed

    Q: is there any hashtag for the campaign? #foxfooding
    Q: are we able to see our submitted bugs on Github? Yes, after the campaign is finished you will be able to see them (we will delete spam and comments that violate the CPG before that)
    Q: the repo will be informed? If you put your github username in the form, you will be able to see your comment and interact in the bug

It is only for one week, so the engineers can start working on the bugs, but if you find bugs and if you have features requests, you can still submit a bug directly in the repo

TOPIC 2: Upcoming Foxfooding campaign - MR2 for Firefox for Android

  • September 20th - October 1st
  • New features in Firefox for Android
  • Focus on US market, but everyone can contribute

The campaign is starting on September 20, and it will have the same logic of the current campaign: we will have a form and a private repo.

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