Weekly Reps Call 29-04-2021

Hello amazing Reps,

come to our Reps Call today to hear more about the Foxfooding campaign and the preparation for the celebration for the 10 years of the Reps Program.


Airmo video: http://mzl.la/reps-2021-04-29

Zoom ID: https://mozilla.zoom.us/j/505669458

Etherpad: https://pad.mozilla.org/p/remo-call-29-04-2021

Community portal event: https://community.mozilla.org/en/events/reps-weekly-call-29-04-2021/

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/NBgyYQMoYWI


  • Konstantina will talk about the Foxfooding campaign
  • Francesca will talk about the 10 years celebration of the Reps Program

See you there!


Notes from the call:

Topic 1: Foxfooding campaign:

We are in week 3 of the campaign, and more than 150 issues were reported. When the campaign is finished we will make the repo public.

Now you can test also in Beta and on mobile (Android and Apple). A list of things to test are in the community portal.

We would like to thank the communities that prepared events: the French, Indonesian and Nigerian community.

Please report any bugs, even if you think they are duplicate, they are always useful

Topic 2: Francesca will talk about the celebration for the 10 years of the Reps Program

The Reps Program is one of the oldest volunteers programs in Mozilla, and we want to celebrate. We are thinking to create an event using Mozilla Hubs, if you want to help out with organizing please get in touch!

Further notes:

In view of the pandemic situation in India, please be mindful when getting in touch with volunteers or employees from the region.