Request to deactivate my account

Request to deactivate my account.

Can I keep my username?

As the person responsible for publishing the post, there is no rationality for me to be anonymous.

If you are unable to maintain my username, please proceed as usual. I accept. I currently do not agree to Mozilla's privacy policy and do not want to manage my account any further.

Add information about account deletion to Meta/FAQs category

Everyone should know about account deletion. It's best to know before creating an account. Meta category is probably the first place that Discourse users turn to. Particularly important information is that posts remain and users are anonymized. I couldn't figure it out without reading some posts:

Instead of adding it to every post, I'll declare it here. I, sinumade, waived copyrights on all my posts via CC0.

What happen dear, why you are deactivating your account?

Is there anything serious happened with you? tell me because I’m new here.

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