Resolved: Fixed – A short story about a community-reported bug - Discussion welcome


I just wrote a blog post for the Nightly blog about the recent work from a community member in finding a performance regression:

There is a few interesting points from a community standpoint.

The first one is that StripTM is a long time Nightly user, he doesn’t report many Nightly bugs, maybe 3 per year, but over the years, this is cumulating. If you report only one bug per year, you help.

The second one is that I am usually his proxy for Bugzilla because of the language barrier for English. I
know that some communities do file bugs for others (We have a couple of people in the French support forums that file bugs on behalf of end-users), maybe a role for core nightly users could be to be the proxy for their own nightly community if they are not comfortable with Englisd and/or bug reporting .

The third one is that this bug surfaced on on intranet. Intranets have the reputation of having very bad code basically because there is no need for them to be standard compliant, the pages and applications only have to work with the browsers deployed. I don’t have an idea on how to fix that but maybe in the external communication about nightly, mentionning that testing intranets with it or with Beta could be interesting is an idea.





Very good idea!

Never thought of that, but totally makes sense.

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