Hi all,

I would like to share some resources related with this meet up that can be useful to anyone who wants to follow it:

Feel free to ask for more resources here, I will try to keep this post updated.


Thanks Nukeador for leading this. Remote participation is important. One big piece to decide is what sessions, if any, that we want to stream.

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I think we should stream everything we can. Obviously we can’t if the session includes sensitive (non-public) information.

I’ve bugged Brian too often about the Rep companion add-on for Firefox, which is not compatible since Firefox 21. I think it’s quite a good add-on which might be a nice asset to our reps ressources.
There is a bug in which this is tracked, but no update yet

Any way we could try to figure this out?

Probably you should better open a new thread on the Reps category just about this and mention @bking :wink:

The pictures of all the session notes are here: