Responsive Mode - screenshots RGB in resolution of 9999 x 9999

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I use responsive mode to take screenshots of the entire site at the highest possible resolution of 9999 x 9999. I work with maps in very high resolutions.

Problem: if the map is in grayscale I can take a screenshot of the page in the highest resolution without any problem but if I switch the same map to the normal RGB mode I can only use the resolution 9999 x 3358 - about 1/3 of the maximum resolution, if I increase this resolution, mozilla stops responding but there is no error information.

Equipment: 16Gb ram, Nvidia Geforce GT635M - 1Gb ram, Intel Core I7 3610QM

Are there any settings in about: config that can be changed to solve this problem or some other solution?


I think you are hitting the maximum memory allocation for <canvas> elements (the screenshot functionality in DevTools relies on a hidden <canvas> to draw elements from a page).

Based on this part of the codebase, the pref gfx.max-alloc-size might let you take bigger screenshots. But I’m honestly just speculating here, use at your own risks!

Hello Patrick.
Unfortunately, increasing the value you proposed - I increased it 3 times - I’m not a programmer so I don’t know exactly how much I should increase - but even increasing it 3 times did not solve the problem. If you would like to take a closer look at the map I am experimenting with, this is the address: The map consists of 256 x 256 px tiles - I enlarge it with the mouse wheel to get the best quality image. I use the Adblock Plus to block the display .png and .gif so as to obtain original aerial photographs without, for example, additional address data in the form of files .png , as well as the Ublock Origin add-on to block the display of tiles that I already have in the form of a screenshot. I also use the Dark Reader add-on, thanks to which areas of the map that do not have no data is darker - thanks to this I can clearly see the map borders. I checked again more thoroughly and the maximum vertical resolution that I can get is 3445 pixels. I also increased the amount of RAM to 20 gigabytes to see if it would give any effect but unfortunately it is the same as it was. Patrick, thank you for your interest in this problem. If you don’t find another solution, could you recommend some other forum where I could post a description of my problem?