Results of the "Internal Link Optimization" SEO experiment


(Eric Shepherd) #1

I’ve posted the results of the “Internal Link Optimization” SEO experiment for MDN on my blog. The results were extremely positive; more so than any of the other experiments, in fact. I’m extremely happy with these numbers.

Feel free to have a look at the results, and share any questions or comments here.


(Steve Fink) #2

Do you have a baseline to compare against? (eg N randomly selected pages that did not get the treatment, or perhaps pages with matching popularity or something.) I’m not disbelieving the results, but they would be a little stronger if you could rule out eg all of MDN getting better during the same time frame.

(Kadir Topal) #3

Yeah, we actually have to have a comparable base line. We did that for the interactive editor before and it was really helpful to compare.

(Eric Shepherd) #4

Yes, of course, you’re right. I will be working with @atopal to get the data together for the comparison against a baseline set of pages for each experiment.